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Articles (Delegate passes) are payable at the time of ordering. All orders, whatever their source, must be paid for in US Dollars. Payment of entrance passes must be made online via the website, by means of a valid bank card.
Accepted payment cards are Visa / Eurocard-Mastercard / American Express.
The full value of your order will be charged to your valid bank card as soon as it has been confirmed.
Charging of the payment to your valid bank card is independent of the actual printing of badges or delivery of other articles purchased.
Unless evidence is provided to the contrary, the data recorded by the Company constitutes proof of all transactions between the Company and its Clients.
The data recorded by our payment system constitutes proof of transaction.

All orders placed online are firm and definitive, constituting an irrevocable commitment to pay the corresponding price in full.
As a result, no refunds will be offered for any reason whatsoever, including partial or total cancellation of the order.
By the same token, the Company will not accept any modifications to the Entrance passes as originally ordered. 
Clients are encouraged to check all information carefully before confirming their orders.

Please read the General Terms & Conditions before pressing Confirm and Check Out.

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